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Published 02/13/2023

Providers can give immediate feedback on their customer service experience with Palmetto GBA through our Provider Experience survey. You can provide feedback on your most recent interaction with Palmetto GBA that occurred via telephone, chat, email, mail or social media (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn). When you take the survey, please be sure to select the "Jurisdiction M" button so we know you are talking to us.

All Medicare Providers and their staff can also give immediate feedback about their customer experience by completing the MAC Customer Experience (MCE) surveys. 

To provide feedback for the Palmetto GBA website and the Palmetto GBA eServices portal, complete the online experience MCE survey by using the blue FEEDBACK button that appears on the right side of each web page and portal screen, or accept the pop-up invitation when it presents itself. 

You can also provide feedback for your experience with selected areas by selecting the green "Your Opinion Matters / Share Your Feedback” button on the right side of select topic website pages or select one of the survey links below:

When completing an MCE survey, please be sure to add details about your experience so we know exactly what you liked or what we could do better. We value your comments and opinions, and we look forward to a culture of continuous improvement in the way we conduct business and serve our providers. 

Palmetto GBA intends to demonstrate its commitment to our partnership by sharing with you the process improvements we implement based on your feedback. By working together, we can enhance your experience and elevate the level of service, education, information and transparency you have come to expect from Palmetto GBA.

Here are some of the recent enhancements we have made as a result of your feedback.

Website Enhancements 

Contact Us pages — We redesigned our Contact Us page and added contact information to applicable topic pages (Claims, Appeals, Provider Enrollment, MSP, EDI, etc.) to make it easier for you to find the correct phone and fax numbers. 


  • New Search Engine — We added a new website search engine to make your search experience more intuitive. We moved our sorting section from the right-hand to the left-hand side of the screen, revamped the sorting section to make it easier to locate the information you need, created new, user-friendly icons to help you quickly navigate search results, and added a display of useful results and tools at the top of the page.
  • Form Names and Numbers — We added form names and form numbers to the search results so you can easily locate forms.

Event Calendar — We integrated a new educational calendar feature within the websites and Email Updates. The calendar provides a complete list of upcoming events and includes information on dates, times, description, registration links and deadlines. There are icons that show if registration is open and that countdown the days until registration is closed. A short list of events is shown on the home pages, Events and Education page menu and on other appropriate topic pages. The educational opportunities are also promoted on all regular listservs. This makes our events information easily available to providers.

Lookup Tools 

  • Medicare Unlikely Edit Lookup Tool — This new tool was added to assist you in determining the maximum units of service a provider can report for a specific HCPCS or CPT® code under most circumstances for a single patient on a single date of service per the National Correct Coding Initiative MUE guidelines.
  • Reason Code Lookup Tool – We created a special search feature to search for codes, words, and phrases for the Reason Code Help Tool. This allows providers to directly search the tool instead of the entire website. 

MAC Customer Experience (MCE) Survey — To help you share your feedback, we moved the survey links to the top, right column of applicable web pages for better visibility. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System Enhancement

Customer Service Representatives specialized in specific Medicare topics to provide a better customer experience due to topic knowledge-based training.

eServices Portal Enhancements 

Redesigned Homepage Dashboard — We added a My Favorites navigation pane with direct links to the user’s favorite functions and a new message section to display notification of new features and enhancements.

Messages and eDelivery Letters — As provider utilization of online form submission and eDelivery of various greenmail letters increased, receiving form submission messages and greenmail letters in one portal inbox created an unorganized and inefficient workflow. To help you manage the volume of information you receive and more easily find, track and respond to receipts, we created separate inboxes for form submission messages and greenmail letters. Users now track submission of forms in a Messages inbox and receipt of greenmail letters in an eDelivery inbox. We then made additional enhancements to both inboxes.

  • We enhanced both inboxes with search and sort/filter features and auto-archive functionality
  • The Messages inbox was updated to show the status of any form submitted by any user under an account
  • The eDelivery inbox was enhanced to highlight new or unread eDelivery messages and to allow users to leave comments for each eDelivery message that can be seen by all account users. This allows a user to alert internal staff about who is working a document and what actions have been taken.
  • We added the ability to download the eDelivery results grid and the Notification Messages Center results grid to Excel. You can also print the grid results.
  • We added a “Take Action” column to the eDelivery results grid with links to other eServices functions for the Overpayment Demand and the MR ADR Letters. These links allow you to quickly navigate directly to other functions to research or respond to these letters.

Alerts for Outstanding ADRs — To help you keep up with pending Medical Review Additional Documentation Requests (ADRs) and to decrease the non-response rate for ADRs, we added a homepage ADR widget section and new ADR dashboard tab. The home page widget displays the total number of ADRs pending and the number pending at more than 30 days and more than 40 days. The ADR dashboard displays a list of the ADRs by ICN and MBI. For each listed ADR, users with access for the Forms function can click a Respond link to open a prepopulated MR ADR Response form to which they can upload and attach their documentation. We will be making additional enhancements to this feature in response to your continuing feedback. 

Submission and Forms Enhancements 

  • Appeals — We streamlined the Parts A and B Redetermination Form to be one single form that can be submitted for multiple types of appeals

Lookup Enhancements 

  • Eligibility Lookup — To increase the use on online eligibility lookups, we updated the Eligibility Inquiry page layout and expanded the search date range to be up to 24 months at a time. We also added a print button to each Eligibility Lookup subpage screen to allow you to print the specific results you need. 
  • Remittance Lookup — Our eRemittance Lookup function allows users to lookup remittance advices for the Last 30 Days or a specific date range. To help you navigate the eRemittance Lookup Results list, we added a Remittance Previously Viewed indicator. When you open a remittance PDF, the list will be updated to show when the remittance was last viewed.

Account Administration/User Experience — We made several updates to make using and maintaining your eServices account easier.

  • To make maintaining an account easier, we extended the account recertification timeframe to once a year
  • To make logging in easier: 
    • We added a view password option that allows you to choose to see what you type into the password field when logging in to the portal or when creating or changing your password
    • We added Google Authenticator for browsers to allow users to take advantage of Google Authenticator on their work computers instead of only on a mobile device. With Google Authenticator, you can instantly retrieve an MFA code on your work computer instead of waiting for an MFA code to be delivered via text or email. You can add Google Authenticator to a new or existing account. 
    • We also made modifications to allow you to log back in without a timeout period when you log out incorrectly by closing the browser.
  • To making staying logged in easier, we extended the time before a session will timeout for inactivity from 15 minutes to 30 minutes
  • We also updated the look and navigation of the My Account function so you can easily find the specific action you want to take

We want to thank you for the great feedback you have given us for the past 12 months. The following list illustrates the many enhancements we made based on your previous feedback. Palmetto GBA is committed to continuous growth based on customer feedback. What you say matters! So, please, keep telling us how we can be better, and we’ll keep listening.

Previous Website Enhancements 

  • Redesigned Website — We redesigned the look and layout of our website to make the information you are looking for easier to find. Improvements included:
    • More intuitive organization with topic and subtopic pages
    • New Claims and Customer Service pages
    • Updated Provider Enrollment page with more content clearly organized into the “Enroll a Provider,” “Verify Enrollment” and “Update an Enrollment Record” steps
    • More ways to find contact information for the Provider Contact Center and other units
    • More graphic images to highlight important and frequently accessed parts of the site 
  • New to Medicare Page — To help new providers get started with Palmetto GBA, we launched our New to Medicare page that is designed to walk you through the steps to becoming a successful Medicare provider. 
  • Email Update messages — We redesigned these messages to enhance the readability and quickly view updated articles. Special messages are sent quicker so you receive information timelier. 

Previous eServices Portal Enhancements

Registration and Login Enhancements 

  • Registration
    • We made it easier for new providers to register for eServices. New providers can now register for eServices without waiting until they have a claim in history. Providers who submit a new EDI enrollment agreement will receive an email with a link to the eServices registration page and an access code once the EDI agreement in processed. Providers can use the access code, instead of the most recent Medicare payment amount received, to complete their eServices registration.  
  • Multi-factor Authentication — We added Google Authenticator as a faster option to receive a multi-factor authentication code. With Google Authenticator, you can now instantly retrieve an MFA code on your Apple or Android device instead of waiting for an MFA code to be delivered via text or email. You can add Google Authenticator to a new or existing account.
  • Alerts — Added an alert to notify you when your password is getting ready to expire

Lookup Enhancements 

  • Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) Lookup — When using the MBI Lookup Tool to obtain an MBI for a deceased beneficiary, eServices will now look back up to four years prior to the date of death 
  • Eligibility Lookup — We updated the eServices Entitlements Inpatient tab to display more of the information you are looking for. The Entitlements Inpatient tab now displays the start/end dates and billing National Provider Identifier (NPI) for inpatient hospital and skilled nursing facility (SNF) stays. 
  • eAudit Dropdown Choices — To help you more easily find your eAudit information, we enhanced the eServices eAudit tab to show only the audit type choices that are available for a provider’s line of business. 
  • Overpayment Data Lookup — We updated the Financial Tools tab options to allow you to research overpayments online. Overpayment balance information is now available on the Financial Tools Overpayment Data subtab. On this subtab, you can enter either an accounts receivable (AR) number or an Overpayment Demand Letter number to view real-time status of your AR or Demand Letter balances to include the: principal AR balance, interest AR balance and total AR balance. You can also view details for each AR including the AR number(s), demand letter number and date issued, the original overpayment amount, and claim details (date of service and beneficiary name). Any recoupment, adjustments or collection activities will also display.

Submission and Forms Enhancements 

  • Redeterminations — To make it easier to find and complete a Redetermination form, we added a new “Submit an Appeal” link to the Claim Status Information and Claim Status Details screens. This link directly opens the Redetermination: First Level Appeal form with the Medicare ID, date of service and Claim Number (ICN) fields pre-filled from the claim data.
  • Prepopulated Forms — To save you time when completing online forms, the eOffset form and Medical Review Additional Documentation Request (ADR) Response form are now prepopulated with the provider’s information.

Account Administration and Unlock Enhancements 

  • Find Your Admin — We made it easy to identify your eServices account administrator. A listing of your account administrators (up to three, if applicable) can be viewed on your MyAccount tab. If you are unable to log into your eServices account or need to identify the admin to request access to an account, you can use the “Find Your Admin” link on the eServices login and registration page to have the account administrator information emailed to you.

Greenmail and Inbox Messaging Enhancements

  • TPE Notification Letters — To make delivery and receipt of medical review Targeted Probe and Educate letters quicker, we added TPE letters to the types of greenmail letters available in eServices. Providers can receive notification that their claims have been selected for TPE review through their eServices inbox. 
  • We extended the time frame for which greenmail letters are available to up to one year
  • We added an auto archive feature to move inbox messages older than 60 days from your inbox to the archive tab automatically. This will reduce the number of rows in your inbox and make finding the message you need quicker.

We are looking forward to hearing from you so that we can continue our progress in meeting your needs.

Thank you in advance for our helping us to be better every day!

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