Who is required to be included in section 9?

The following individuals are required to be listed in Section 9:
  • All individuals with a five percent or greater ownership
  • If the supplier is a corporation, all officers and members of the board of directors
  • All partners must be included, even those individuals with less than five percent partnership interest. If an individual is a partner with a corporation, the corporation must be listed as a partner in section 8 and the individual must be listed as a partner in section 9.
  • Managing employees: There must be at least one managing employee listed for each application. If this is a small business and the owner is the 'managing employee', then mark the check boxes for both owner and managing employee in section 9A for this individual.
  • Authorized and delegated officials listed in sections 14 and 15 must also be included.

Last Updated: 03/01/2021