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PDAC produces two reports available for industry stakeholders – Policy Group Map and HCPCS to Product and Service Code Crosswalk. Each report has a separate dedicated web page with full description of the report and definitions for every field contained in the report.

Policy Group Map

This report provides a listing of each policy group and the HCPCS codes assigned to each policy group. There are two versions of the report available – one version which contains only active HCPCS codes (through Q4 2017) and a redesigned version which also contains HCPCS codes terminated within the prior five years (beginning with Q1 2018 report). After five years, a terminated HCPCS code may be reused for a different product. HCPCS code information is from the Durable Medical Equipment Coding System (DMECS) maintained by PDAC.

HCPCS to Product and Service Code Crosswalk

This report is also referred to as the HCPCS to 855S Crosswalk, since the Product and Service Codes are listed on the CMS-855S Form for DMEPOS supplier Medicare enrollment. This report includes all HCPCS codes and HCPCS to Product and Service Code crosswalks from Durable Medical Equipment Coding System (DMECS). A HCPCS code can be crosswalked to multiple Product and Service Codes. HCPCS codes with missing a Product and Service Code do not have an active crosswalk.