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Sadmerc Advisory Articles Archive

SADMERC Articles 1993 to 08/16/2008

Title Date Posted
Continuous Passive Motion Machine Coding Guidelines 03/12/08
HCPCS Code Update - 2008 02/11/08
Documentation Required for HCPCS Coding Determination 07/10/07
Power Mobility Devices – Revised Coding Guidelines 11/16/06
Wheelchair Options and Accessories – Policy Article – Coding Guidelines 11/16/06
Correct Coding for Items Used to Treat Edema 10/27/06
Power Mobility Devices Coding Guidelines 08/14/06
2006 Power Wheelchair Codes 08/02/06
Maternity Support Garments 07/31/06
Coding of Diabetic Shoe Inserts 06/06/06
HCPCS Code A5513 01/17/06
Clarification of Billing Units for Pegfilgrastim (HCPCS Code J2505) 01/13/06
Therapeutic Shoes for Diabetics - Revision of Requirement for Coding Verification Review 12/19/05
Correct Coding of Thermoformable Liners/Inserts 09/22/05
Bathroom Aids – Raised Seats, Seat Lifts, and Lifts for Toilets 05/27/05
Commodes – Coverage and Coding Clarification 05/27/05
Explanation of Dynamic Stability 05/27/05
Change to Wheelchair Cushion HCPCS Codes 12/14/04
Correct HCPCS Coding for Flutter and Acapella Devices 03/10/04
New Diabetic Shoe Insert Codes 03/8/04
Wheelchair Cushion Testing Methodology 02/19/04
Face Down Positioning Device 12/04/03
Knee Orthoses: New HCPCS Code and Clarification of Codes L1832 and L1845 12/04/03
Orthoses: Replacement of Components Clarification 12/04/03
Surgical Dressings Containing Silver 12/04/03