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Request Code Verification

To avoid a delay in the processing of coding verification applications, please give attention to the following guidelines, all instructions within the individual applications as well as the following links:


Enteral Nutrition Application/Checklist
Manual Wheelchairs Application/Checklist
Orthotics Application/Checklist
Power Operated Vehicles Application/Checklist
Power Wheelchairs Application/Checklist
PDAC Test Report – for Performance Testing for Power Wheelchairs Application/Checklist
Support Surfaces Application/Checklist
Surgical Dressings Application/Checklist
Therapeutic Shoes and Inserts for Diabetics Application/Checklist
Wheelchair Back Cushions Application/Checklist
Wheelchair Cushions Application/Checklist
Wheelchair Cushions Custom Fabricated Application/Checklist
DME and Supplies Application/Checklist