Evaluation and Management (EM)

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Evaluation and Management (EM) Articles

E/M Weekly Tip: Review of Systems - 'All Others Negative'E/M Weekly Tip: General PrinciplesE/M Weekly Tip: Counseling/Coordination Office SettingE/M Weekly Tip: Drugs Requiring Intensive Monitoring (Insulin Drip)E/M Weekly Tip: 1995 Comprehensive ExaminationE/M Weekly Tip: General DocumentationE/M Weekly Tip: History Component TypesE/M Weekly Tip: Ancillary StaffE/M Weekly Tip: Hospital Visit and Critical Care on Same DayE/M Weekly Tip: "Incident To" Place of Service (POS) 19 or 22E/M Weekly Tip: Risk of Significant Complications, Morbidity and/or Mortality (Risk Assessment)E/M Weekly Tip: Drugs Requiring Intensive Monitoring (Coumadin)E/M Weekly Tip: Cloning - Chief Complaint (CC), History of Present Illness (HPI), Review of Systems (ROS) and ExaminationE/M Weekly Tip: Billing Observation or Inpatient Care Services (Including Admission and Discharge Services)E/M Weekly Tip: Diagnosis and Management Options - New ProblemE/M Weekly Tip: History Component - Interval HistoryE/M Weekly Tip: History Component 'Unable to Obtain'E/M Weekly Tip: History Component - Status of Three Chronic/Inactive ConditionsE/M Weekly Tip: Laboratory, Radiology and Other Diagnostic Test FindingsE/M Weekly Tip: Completing DocumentationE/M Weekly Tip: Drug Therapy Requiring Intensive Monitoring (Table of Risk)E/M Weekly Tip: Prolonged Care Time RequirementE/M Weekly Tip: Medical NecessityE/M Weekly Tip: An E/M on the Same Day as PsychotherapyE/M Weekly Tip: Medical Decision-Making - ComplexityE/M Weekly Tip: Emergency Department ConsultationsE/M Weekly Tip: Documentation Requirements for Teaching PhysiciansE/M Weekly Tip: Separate Elements of the HistoryE/M Weekly Tip: Split/Shared Services (Critical Care)E/M Weekly Tip: Type of Data-Pulse OximetryE/M Weekly Tip: Injections and InfusionsE/M Weekly Tip: Medical Necessity and Reasonable/NecessaryE/M Weekly Tip: History of Present Illness (HPI) - Negative Findings/ComplaintsE/M Weekly Tip: Documentation of Prolonged CareE/M Weekly Tip: Counseling/Coordination Documentation RequirementsE/M Weekly Tip: New Patient CodesE/M Weekly Tip: Inpatient, Hospital Outpatient and Emergency Department Setting - Split/Shared ServicesE/M Weekly Tip: Diagnosis and Management OptionsE/M Weekly Tip: Documentation Provided by StudentsE/M Weekly Tip: History Component - Use of DiagnosesE/M Weekly Tip: Unable to Obtain (Examination)E/M Weekly Tip: ExaminationE/M Weekly Tip: History Component - History of Present IllnessE/M Weekly Tip: Examination Component - Abnormal FindingsE/M Weekly Tip: Counseling and/or Coordination of CareE/M Weekly Tip: Critical Care Different Specialty/Same GroupE/M Weekly Tip: History of Present Illness (HPI) - Multiple ComplaintsE/M Weekly Tip: Review of Old Records and Past, Family and Social History (PFSH) from OthersE/M Weekly Tip: Hospital and Nursing Facility Discharge Services as They Relate to TimeE/M Weekly Tip: Split/Shared Visits - Skilled Nursing Facility/Nursing FacilityE/M Weekly Tip: CPT Modifier 25 (Critical Care)E/M Weekly Tip: Discharge Services - Date of ServiceE/M Weekly Tip: History Component - Chief Complaint Use of 'Follow-Up'E/M Weekly Tip: Discharge Services - Patient ExpiredE/M Weekly Tip: Critical Care Billing Same Specialty/GroupE/M Weekly Tip: Chief ComplaintE/M Weekly Tip: CloningE/M Weekly Tip: 1995 Examination (Combining)E/M Weekly Tip: Significant, Separately Identifiable Evaluation and Management ServiceE/M Weekly Tip: Combined BillingE/M Weekly Tip: Double DippingMACtoberfest: Things They Are A'changin' - January 2021 WebinarTransitional Care Management ServicesSelection of Level of E/M Service Based on Duration of Coordination of Care and/or CounselingEvaluation and Management Services: Principles of Medical Record DocumentationNew Patient Office Visits ModuleEvaluation and Management Coding ReminderNew Patient E/M EditEvaluation and Management (E/M) Coding Reminder: Group PracticesCritical Care Services - IntroductionAdvanced Care Planning: CPT CodesMedical Decision-Making ComponentCritical Care Services and the Medical Necessity ComponentInitial Hospital Services Procedural CodesEvaluation and Management (E/M) Services in the Domiciliary or Rest Home EnvironmentManagement Options: Drug Therapy Requiring Intensive Monitoring for ToxicityProfessional Services Where Time is a Primary FactorSubsequent Hospital CareNews You Can Use: New Patient Office VisitsExamination Component of 1995 and 1997 Documentation GuidelinesThe Levels of E/M Services Are Based on Four History ComponentsPsychotherapy ServicesNursing Facility Services2021 Medicare Final Rule: Evaluation and Management ChangesNew Patient Visits by the Same Physician or Physician GroupScribesTeaching Physician Documentation in the Era of Electronic Medical Records (EMR)New Patient Evaluation and Management Codes: Correct Claim SubmissionE/M Comparative Billing Reports: Peer Code ComparisonCritical Care and the Global Surgery PackageMedical Record CloningCritical Care Billing (Time and Nonphysician Practitioners)Evaluation and Management Services Guide, CMS MLN ProductGeneral Ophthalmological Services vs. Evaluation and Management (E/M) CodesE/M Weekly Tip: Review of Systems; and Past, Family and Social History - Obtained During an Earlier EncounterSurgical DebridementE/M Weekly Tip: Signatures (Ancillary Staff - 'Incident to')