Published 12/01/2016

The tips on this page contain important tips about Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT).

CERT Follow-up Record RequestsCERT Decisions May be AppealedHome Health Tip: Document Complication FactorsHospice Tip: Incorrect CodingHome Health Tip: Orders Must be in the Proper FormatHospice Tip: Certification of Terminal IllnessHome Health Tip: Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) Error - Medical Necessity Not MetHospice Tip: Date(s) of ServiceHome Health Tip: Insulin AdministrationHome Health Tip: Plan of Care Certification is RequiredHome Health Tip: Frequency and Duration Requirements for TherapyHospice Tip: Certification/RecertificationHome Health Tip: Documentation to Support HIPPS CodeHospice Tip: Signatures for Face-to-Face EncountersHome Health Tip: Therapy ServicesHospice Tip: AssessmentsHome Health Tip: Home Health Services EligibilityHome Health Tip: Acute Change in Patient's ConditionHospice Tip: Palliative Care Acknowledgement in the Hospice Election StatementHospice Tip: What documentation is needed to support terminal illness?Hospice Tip: Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) Error: Medical Necessity Not MetHospice Tip: Complete DocumentationHome Health Tip: Nursing DocumentationPhysician Signatures Missing on Medical Records: CERT TipRequested CERT Documentation Located at Another FacilityThe Purpose of the CERT ContractorSignatures, Credentials and Dates Are ImportantDo you know if the CERT Contractor differs from the Medicare Administrative Contractor?Be Sure to Keep the CERT Contractor's Website UpdatedHome Health Tip: Face-to-Face EncounterLack of Documentation Affects Provider ReimbursementAsk Questions, Be InformedCMS Contractors Verify ComplianceA Legible Medical Record and Authentication Matters