Enroll in Electronic Claims Submission

Published 07/07/2021

Palmetto GBA encourages providers to submit their claims electronically and to utilize the electronic features we offer. You can also access certain claim and patient eligibility records and retrieve your remittance notices electronically. Claims may be filed to Palmetto GBA electronically (this applies to most Medicare providers) or on paper if certain conditions or exceptions exist (PDF, 840KB).

Watch a short video for an overview of the Electronic Data Interchange registration process and then please complete a brief survey.

For additional assistance, please review the EDI Enrollment Instruction Guide Module.

How Do I Enroll?
The fastest Method is to enroll online using the EDI Online Enrollment tool.

You can also enroll via fax or email by completing the PDF version of the EDI Enrollment packet (PDF, 542KB).

  • All providers must complete an EDI application form and EDI agreement
  • If you are using a clearinghouse or billing service, the provider authorization form must be completed as well
  • The DDE enrollment form must be completed to access the Direct Data Entry (DDE) online claims processing system
  • Submit all forms and supporting documentation via one of the following methods:

What to Expect
You will receive an email with submission tracking information. Your completed forms will be processed within 15 business days of receipt. While you wait, you can begin familiarizing yourself with the claims submission process.

Next Steps
Once your EDI application has been approved, you can create an eServices account to access online billing tools, check claim status, and more.