Reason Code Help Tool

Published 04/15/2022

Disclaimer: This lookup tool does not contain all reason codes found in the Direct Data Entry (DDE) Reason Code file. Please refer to Section 5: Claims Corrections (PDF) of the DDE Guide for additional information.

Reason codes may be added and are subject to change based on quarterly claim submission error data analysis.

This Reason Code Help Tool is designed to aid you in reviewing, understanding, and resolving the most frequent reason codes, or for determining if other actions are needed. You may search the tool by reason code, keyword or phrase. All records matching your search criteria will be returned for your review. You may also use the “Show All” button to view a complete list of reason codes available.

Questions pertaining to individual claims must be directed to the Provider Contact Center. You may fax a Written Inquiry Request form (PDF) to have your inquiry answered. Please do not include any Protected Health Information.

Reason Code 10420Reason Code 15431Reason Code 19201Reason Code 19301Reason Code 30906Reason Code 30949Reason Code 31014Reason Code 31102Reason Code 31300Reason Code 31337Reason Code 31409Reason Code 31600Reason Code 31860Reason Code 32114Reason Code 32242Reason Code 32352Reason Code 32415Reason Code 34538Reason Code 34905Reason Code 34932Reason Code 34961Reason Code 34977Reason Code 34978Reason Code 37541Reason Code 37544Reason Code 38032Reason Code 39910Reason Code 39934Reason Code 52MUEReason Code 53MUEReason Code C7252Reason Code 70024Reason Code C7113Reason Code C7715Reason Code C7800Reason Code U5061Reason Code U6819Reason Code W7006Reason Code W7062Reason Code W7088Reason Code W7099Reason Code W7112Reason Code 5D508Reason Code U6825Reason Code 55503Reason Code 38119Reason Code 32404Reason Code 31398Reason Code 31413Reason Code 32078Reason Code 30912Reason Code 31593Reason Code 19401Reason Code 31094Reason Code 14610Reason Code 38117Reason Code 31256Reason Code 31023Reason Code 32073Reason Code 31255Reason Code U5607Reason Code U5233Reason Code 15701Reason Code 31608Reason Code C7080Reason Code 12205Reason Code 30955Reason Code 30905Reason Code 11503Reason Code 12505Reason Code 17701Reason Code 31605Reason Code 13599Reason Code 12818Reason Code 31346Reason Code 13314Reason Code 1461AReason Code 31406Reason Code 31486Reason Code C7010Reason Code 31257Reason Code 30949Reason Code 12302Reason Code 12206Reason Code 12811Reason Code 15202Reason Code 37205Reason Code W7040Reason Code 39132Reason Code 54NCDReason Code 51MUEReason Code U5210Reason Code 31241Reason Code U5200Reason Code 30940Reason Code 38038Reason Code 38200Reason Code 39929Reason Code 53NCDReason Code 31814Reason Code 32402Reason Code 39011Reason Code 31947Reason Code 31324Reason Code 30928Reason Code 31276Reason Code 31689Reason Code 32105Reason Code 32400Reason Code 56900Reason Code 5J504CPT Modifier 1PCPT Modifier 22Reason Code 1282H